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Omaer S.r.l. - Concrete mixers
Tank concrete mixers production
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Tank concrete mixers production

OMAER established in 1962 as a firm for the production of building equipments; six years later begin the production of tank concrete mixers and it will become the main sector of his activity.

The realization of large investments in machineries and plants as well as an entrepreneurial dynamism led the company to be one of the main firm in Europe in this field.

OMAER has a persevering commercial development and besides to be on italian market, it's growing stronger on international markets.

OMAER is flexible to the exigence of his customers and, during the years, it as been distinguished mainly:

for the quality of product, on which it build the company image;

for the quality of service, with spare parts in store of all the machines built since 1968;

for the seriousness in the business relations with customers, assuring them an area where OMAER product is exclusive.

OMAER S.r.l. - Macchine Edili e Stradali
Via delle Città 134/142 - 50052 CERTALDO (Firenze) ITALY
Tel. ++ 39 0571 668471 - Fax ++ 39 0571 652248
E-mail: info@omaer.com
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